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Elle Askari

Introducing a collective that encapsulates the power and finesse of the modern woman. With the concept conceived over a glass of Sauvignon and sheer love for European inspired tailoring.

Elle Askari produces statement-only pieces, adhering to a cultivated belief that every wardrobe needs it’s staple Pièce De Résistance.

Incorporating an unapologetically left field B&W palette, with brazen detailing and structures, coining the creatively unhinged artistry ‘25th century sartorial chic.’ The essence of an Elle Askari piece evokes an undeniable scent of hedonism, easily mistaken for Diorissimo.

Each piece, is the result of lightbulb moments whilst burning the midnight oil, resulting in the pioneering of magnum opus’, Elle Askari arms you for the serendipitous encounters that rewrite history.

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All About Elle Askari