Happy Birthday to Naked Dresses

Naked Dresses parties in Monaco

Naked Dresses turns another year older, and we chose no other than the glamorous city of Monaco for our birthday celebrations.

Monaco has to be on your bucket list, oozing luxury everywhere you look, we certainly chose the place to be with the perfect balance of r'n'r and partying for a few days.

We are so thrilled to collab with Nikki Beach throughout our stay. Nikki Beach Monte Carlo is situated on the top floor of the Fairmont Hotel, which famously overlooks the Monaco Grand Prix track as well as the stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea. The scene is very sophisticated and all about lounging by the pool sipping Champagne or one of their incredible cocktails.

We were shown to our bed which was in poll position bedside the pool and started the day with a round of champagne, what more could we want, hey. We sat,  we lounged and soaked up some serous rays all afternoon, everything was perfection.

As the hours passed, the scene turned into day club vibes with the resident DJ playing a whole mix of beats which only makes you want to move.

When it came to food, we were spoilt for choice, the menu was extensive, including delicious salads, sharing platters and their well know Sushi rolls. 

There is no denying Nikki Beach Monte Carlo has it all, but shhhhhh as they say 'Tell Only Your Best Friends' 

Happy Birthday To Naked Dresses
Happy Birthday To Naked Dresses
Happy Birthday To Naked Dresses
Happy Birthday To Naked Dresses

Nikki Beach it was incredible, thanks for having the

Naked Dresses team, we love you xxx


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